What equipment do You use, and for what style

A discussion of techniques, and equipment for guitar. Fretted, bottleneck or slide, acoustic or electric, this is the place.

What equipment do You use, and for what style

Postby hunblues » Thu Sep 25, 2008 12:09 pm


I didnt see similar topics so i thought i open one. I play jazz( 20's-30's), electric blues (Clapton, Popa Chubby, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, B.B. KIng) and old school blues (like Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, etc etc.). I have an Epiphone Sheraton II, and an Oscar Schmidt (by Washburn) Resonator guitar. My amps are: Marshall Valvestate 8040, and Peavey Delta Blues. I have no effects.

What do u use, and for what kind of music? What can be the best instruments in the different styles?
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Re: What equipment do You use, and for what style

Postby leftyguitarman » Thu Sep 25, 2008 6:47 pm

I play electric blues (a lot of Clapton type stuff), Pink Floyd type stuff (lots of weird effects) and some stuff I write which I don't know how to classify.

For my electrics I have an Epi Les Paul Standard, and Agile with P90 pickups, a Mexi Strat that I rewired and put Texas Specials in, and another Strat that I am working on right now with three GFS Lipstick Tube pickups. I run any of those guitars through my Peavey Classic 50 or my Epiphone Triggerman with an Eminence Red, White, and Blues speaker. When playing blues I usually just play clean, or add a little bit of gain or overdrive through some homemade pedals I got from my cousin, or I use the second channel on either of my amps. When I play some Floyd type stuff and want to tinker with effects, I use my Digitech effects processor (which has some decent digital effects, but nothing spectacular), and when I play my stuff, it's usually always clean. And when I play hard stuff, I always turn on lots of gain using a fuzz pedal my cousin built, or I crank up the distortion on the second channel of whatever amp I am playing through. I find that for the most part, clean is the way I like to play the most. Each of my guitars has a really different tone, so they all sound different when played clean, and allow me to achieve many different tones.

I also have a Boss DS-2 guitar pedal which is OK with humbuckers. Any other pickups and it sounds like trash.
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Re: What equipment do You use, and for what style

Postby allanlummox » Thu Sep 25, 2008 7:05 pm

Over the years, I've played in a lot of different musical situations, but more recently I mainly perform at local Farmers Markets. For this I use a National Delphi resophonic guitar to accompany myself singing - without amplification. Mainly I play Slide Guitar, I play a lot of old Blues but a wide variety of music finds its way into my shows.

I have several other guitars - an early 1940's Gibson acoustic, a 1964 Melody Maker with an after market p-90, a late 90's Tele, a Tacoma Papoose, this no-name 1920's Parlor guitar right here...

There's a Silver Faced Twin and a 2x10 Vibroluxe Reverb but they don't get out much lately.

Very recently started playing live webcasts on Second Life using a USB mic. Will shortly be upgrading to using a small mixer.

Ah, and my main musical workspace at home is a Whisper Room - a small prefabricated vocal booth.
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Re: What equipment do You use, and for what style

Postby Bournio » Thu Sep 25, 2008 7:09 pm

I play a Manhatten guitar that I don't know the name of, Jaguar style, strat style pickups, one volume, one tone control.
I also use crate 30R... and an AX10G.

I play blues-y punk-y rock n roll! Work that out, started out as a punk, learnt blues, learnt metal learnt rock n roll.
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Re: What equipment do You use, and for what style

Postby drob » Thu Sep 25, 2008 7:33 pm

I have tons of guitars and amps and use them all differently. Mainly i play through a pair of 63 princetons with a 12 x 7 pre amp thing. I play teles strats my dano for slide,my les paul and my es-125. For harp I use a bullet mic and a pro jr. I have a piles of resos and wooden guitars and play them all as much as I can. My favs are my parlor and my tricone.
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Re: What equipment do You use, and for what style

Postby texas blues » Fri Sep 26, 2008 1:39 am

I have all the usual suspects in guitars. Couple Strats, Tele and Les Paul which is my fave but I don't gig with anymore. For workingman everyday playing and the odd gig or two, mainly I have two setups, one electric and one acoustic. Plugged in I have two Flying V's, one in standard tuning, and one in open G. For acoustic I have an Orpheum reso in standard and a National Delphi in open G.
I play slide in open G and standard tunings. My main amps are a Clark Champ clone and a Clark Beaufort, a Deluxe clone, both in tweed. I have or have owned most every pedal or wham wham or zuzu known to mankind but these days I am all about simplicity and tone. I use one dirt box and no other pedals. I play mostly my own music nowadays and am always looking for the perfect riff to go with my near perfect tone.

Cheers, TB.
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Re: What equipment do You use, and for what style

Postby GreenGod » Fri Sep 26, 2008 11:36 pm

I play a little of everything, but I'm a blues fanatic
Squier strat- tuned open-e for slide
Acoustic-most used guitar, use it for EVERYTHING
Epi Sheraton w/Peter Green Mod- jack of all trades, though makes a killer blues axe :mrgreen:
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Re: What equipment do You use, and for what style

Postby Troubleman » Tue Sep 30, 2008 7:10 pm

Different rigs for different gigs...
My main band plays classic rock, blues, a bit-o-country rock and a bit-o-parrot head (buffet) moosic too. We'll toss in a little R&B to keep 'em honest.
I'm a lover of tube amps, and until recently - primarily a Strat cat.
I've retired my beloved 1961 Stratocaster (couldn't afford to replace it should it meet with with mis-adventure).
These days I've two "mutt" Strats (fender parts, harmonic design pickups and electronics) and a John Suhr Strat. I typically take a Les Paul to my gigs with that band; I own three - an Alpine White Les Paul Custom with Duncan Alnico Pro II pickups, a '54 Reissue Historic Oxblood (jeff beck model), and a 1958 Les Paul, Jr - double-cut with one P90.
Amps - I love Budda Amplification, and I love Marshall. I usually gig with a Budda Twinmaster - either a 4x10 combo or a Twinmaster head through a 4x10 Marshall cabinet. For larger venues I use a Budda SuperDrive 45 and a Marshall Jubilee 2555 - each through a 2x12 cabinet loaded with Celestion Greenbacks.
Stompboxes & effects are too numerous to name - Fulltone, Xotic, Budda, TC Electronics, Lexicon, Keeley and the usual suspects inhabit the pedal board.
I also play in a Christian Rock band. Don't think acoustic-folk band, we rock pretty hard. That band covers more ground sonically - I use a semi-hollow body Epiphone 335 Dot that's been tricked out, and I play acoustic in that band as well (Taylor GA-WS limited, Taylor 355-12 string, Collings CJ-A).
I play in church on Sunday's as well - the above mentioned acoustic guitars, a Strat that has an LR Baggs acoustic preamp/pickup in it, and a Taylor Custom Shop 512 CEFB. Of recent I sneak a reso in as well - a National Delphi or Republic Style-O.

There's a host of other stuff that makes it out from time to time - a 1986 PRS, a korina Gibson Explorer, a couple more Strats, a couple Teles, etc...


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Re: What equipment do You use, and for what style

Postby jeffl » Tue Sep 30, 2008 8:19 pm

I play harp either acoustically, or amplified through a Shure 520DX bullet or a Hohner BluesBlaster mic (discriminating aren't I....?) , plugged into either my 5-watt Epi Valve Special or my Peavey Classic 30, with a delay pedal in the middle. If I play keyboards I mostly use my little Yammy digital board into a Crate !00 keyboard amp, or a little 15-watt Crate KB at my weekly jam. My big Yammy digital grand mostly sits neglected in my living room now since I practice almost entirely on my cheap little Yammy in order to stay familiar with its "non-touch" touch,lol! For vocals I use a 58, and 57s to mic my amps. My harp rack is a signature Neil Young made out of spent titanium. (ya, right)
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Re: What equipment do You use, and for what style

Postby johntuggle » Sun Nov 30, 2008 12:59 am

These days I use:

Fender Strat 1979 w/Texas Specials
Gibson SG 61 reissue
Gibson Hummingbird

Fender Pro Jr
Fender 1974 Twin

Ibanez tubescreamer
Ibanez AD9
Vox Wah
Fulltone OcD

I can get pretty much everything I need with this gear. Would like a hollow body and a Tele though.
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Re: What equipment do You use, and for what style

Postby jaybee » Sun Nov 30, 2008 5:10 am

I play mainly blues, occasionall venturing into rock-pop-jazzland - when I go to a jam, I usually take 1 guitar & 2 pedals (a tuner and an overdrive), for "real" gigs, I assemble my rig from the following - what I take depending more on the mood of the day than on the music style...

Fender Stratocaster "Special Edition '93" with Steffsen pu's http://www.steffsen.be/
Reverend Jetstream with P90's
Hagstrom Select Ultra Swede
Fender Tele Thinline '72 RI (MIM)
Squier "The Bullet" '84 Japanese 7/8-size Strat body with Tele neck (btw - if you have a pickguard for one of these lying around - I need one)

Dan Torres Tweed Deluxe 18W
Epiphone Valve Junior head + home made cab (Peavey bass combo cab with Fender 12" speaker in it) 5W (have my eye on a Marshall 4x10 cab for this one)
Randall 50W - is up for sale @ the moment, due to "too heavy/too loud" - will possibly get replaced by a Fender Deluxe Reverb or similar

VOW wah

BOSS SD-1 (one I bought new in '83 or '84, one spare - "just in case")
Ibanez TS-808
VoodooLab Sparkledrive
usually take 2 of them so I can get "clean-grunt-wail"-tone with whatever amp I take

"noname"delay - some pedal I bought on eBay, sounds like an analogue, but could just as well be a (drappy) digital - used for slapback = ON pretty much ALL the time (neither the Dan Torres nor the Epi have reverb)
T-Rex Replica (just got this one, deal I couldn't refuse...) will be used for longer delays in solo


Behringer Vintage Phaser

BOSS TR-2 tremolo

BOSS TU - tuner
Ibanez pedal tuner (used to be fixed on my now disassembled pedalboard)

BOSS volume pedal

of course, being a guitar player, all and any items of the above list are subject to change anytime for no apparent reason at all 8) (to spouses & other non-guitarists, that is :roll: )
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Re: What equipment do You use, and for what style

Postby bluzlvr » Sun Nov 30, 2008 9:49 pm

After much searching for guitar amps I settled on the Fender Blues Deluxe when they first came out. I've found that I can get a good sound out of any guitar using that amp and an Ibanez tube screamer. I'm currently playing a '65 Gibson 335.
For harp I love the sound of a Bassman 4x10 but I'm saving for a HarpGear......
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Re: What equipment do You use, and for what style

Postby Slim » Mon Dec 01, 2008 1:45 am

Republic Resonator....thats about it! LOL!

No really, I have a Washburn WI-64 I play through a epi valve standard alot.

Style...my own. It aint good but its mine!
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Re: What equipment do You use, and for what style

Postby BobHolland » Mon Dec 01, 2008 3:23 am

I know this isn't a Bass question, but I use the same '96 Relic Fender Jazz Bass & Ampeg B100R Rocket Amp for everything these days. I do have a MIM '69 RI Telecaster & Blond Blues Jr. Amp at home when I want to play some electric blues guitar. (I'm not really very good on guitar, been learning for the last 40 years), but I really enjoy playing guitar.
Oh, my acoustic guitar is a '59 Harmony Broadway Archtop, love that guitar.
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Re: What equipment do You use, and for what style

Postby maxx england » Mon Dec 01, 2008 11:20 am

I have an old cheap acoustic with 12s with a no name Japanese pickup on it for low volume/acoustic stuff (but it comes out really Elmore through the right amp) and a l/h Jap reisue Strat with 13s. I use a lot of clean, high gain, treble on the Strat these days, knocking the bass right off and the mid down to halfway, whatever amp I run through because everyone around me is either going for fat mid range tones and/or distortion. I reckon on being different taking attention away from the playing deficiencies I have.

Both guitars are in open E. Amp - I have a cheap Chinese practice amp which can be mic'ed up or run through a desk and also an old Phoenix head and 2 X cabs with Celestions in. Mostly I use the Chinky, the tones are really nice out of it, but the other day I tried the Phoenix again, and oooohhh!! don't it make that Strat bite! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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