Joe Burns: Texas-Alternative Blues Rock

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Joe Burns: Texas-Alternative Blues Rock

Postby mannieb » Fri Feb 17, 2006 10:54 pm

Joe Burns is Texas alternative - a cross between Austin and Seattle - acoustic slide & chunky guitars with guitar leads (yes guitar leads) and melodic songs that will lure you in and hook you!

What people are saying about Joe Burns' new CD "Things Ain't What They Seem"

"Heartfelt, compelling interpretation of the blues"
Like Joe, I grew up listening to the same artists that he did and their influences shine through brilliantly in his work. Hendrix, SRV, Trower, Page in his more gritty moments... If you're into the blues Texan style, then you need to check this guy out. Extremely tasteful, well-written songs that bring you to the places that only the genuine blues can take you. Do yourself a favor and check this one out. - Bill

"Joe's best work to date!"
This is definitely Joe's best work to date! He has established a style that is all his own. From the shredding guitar leads to the mellow acoustic ballads, the emotion really shows through. He still has those killer guitar riffs that blow you away but with intricacies that only Joe can pull off time and time again. Absolutely worth buying this one. - Jack's Audio

"Truly a refreshing aural experience"
Joe Burns combines blues overtones with a hearty and fantastic guitar laden, rock main course. Joe's expert guitar skills and technique will leave you speechless. The songwriting is unique and timeless, and Joe's vocals will have you remembering what rock and blues is supposed to sound like. Definitely the album to buy if you are looking for fresh, new, and independent talent. - Tyson
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