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Postby Luca1369 » Tue Aug 02, 2011 8:26 pm

Blues ain’t about Perrier, Diet Coke, Jolt, or a Red Bull.
Blues is about Champagne, beer, cheap wine, and rotgut whiskey.

Blues ain’t about flying to Cancun for spring break.
Blues is about taking a bus, hitchhiking, walking, or riding the rails to get away from the Blues.

Blues ain’t about acid and pot.
Blues is about way too much heroin and cocaine.

Blues ain’t about going out with some hot supermodel.
Blues is about longing.

Blues ain’t about cuddling.
Blues is about hot, hard, steamy, sweaty, screaming sex.

Blues ain't about kissing and making up.
Blues is about that which destroys love; jealousy and infidelity.

Blues ain’t about getting in a fight.
Blues is about killing a man for running around with your woman.

Blues ain’t about getting a DUI or getting busted for pot.
Blues is about going to prison for killing a man.

Blues ain’t about just playing the blues.
Blues is about heart and soul.

IMHO of course...
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