'08 Les Paul Jr. Rocks Hard!!

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Re: '08 Les Paul Jr. Rocks Hard!!

Postby texas blues » Sun Sep 13, 2009 8:54 pm

I have ceramic in my Gibbo V and they're okay. They can be a little harsh to my ears sometimes. I'm thinking of dropping in some P90's but alnico's. There's a co. that has cutout faceplates with the wiring harness, pots and caps, etc, that the whole works can be changed out in about 10 minutes.

Salute', TB.
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Re: '08 Les Paul Jr. Rocks Hard!!

Postby leftyguitarman » Sun Sep 13, 2009 9:16 pm

ricochet wrote:Hey, I like Agile's P-90s! (They're Gotohs with ceramic magnets.)

The reason I don't like mine is because they have waaaaay too much low end. Also, it seems that the neck and bridge P90s have the same output (although I haven't used a multimeter to check) because the bridge pickup is a lot quieter than the neck pickup. I have the bridge pickup as high as it will go and the neck pickup as low as it will go and the neck pickup is still a lot louder. And now I can't adjust them anymore because the screws in those Agiles are worthless. The heads are stripped on all the pickup screws and the truss rod cover screw. Tonally I think they're nice, but it's hard to get a balanced tone out of them. It's hard to explain. I've pretty much only been using it for slide.

texas blues wrote:Change those pups out in that Agile Lefty and you might feel different about that guitar.

I'm gonna leave the pickups in there for now. I am going to have it rewired (maybe get one of those RS harnesses) with new pots and caps. Hopefully that will change some. The volume and tone pots on it, like all left handed guitars, go from all volume at 0-9 to no volume at 10; likewise for tone. My MIM Strat had the same problem, so did my Epi Sheraton and my Epi Les Paul. I'm not sure if it's because they use those Alpha pots or because they don't use proper pots on lefties. I've been told that left handed pots should be used on left handed guitars, but I have regular CTS pots in my MIM now (along with one Alpha) and it works perfect. Of course I have good caps in there too.

I have barely worked at all over the summer and I'm pretty much broke so I don't have any money to fix my guitars. Thankfully our busy season at work started on Friday and now I'm back to making money. I'm going to go have all of my guitars professionally set up, get my LP rewired and have my Classic 50 looked at. Something's wrong with it too.
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