tricone buzz-b-gone

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tricone buzz-b-gone

Postby ashm86 » Fri Sep 11, 2009 3:49 am

I finally got rid of the buzz in my tricone, well almost...

I took the whole thing apart and was looking at the deck that teh cones sit on and noticed that there were two screws that went into the neck stick. They were right under the lip of the two bass side cones. I removed the screws and put a small chamfer(?) on each hole and reseated the screws so that they were just a little lower than the deck surface. The cones now lay flat on the deck without any pivot. The buzz is virtually gone. The only time it buzzes now is when I really get it going and dig in.

Totally different guitar now, MUCH more enjoyable.

I put a set of d'ddarioPB REso strings on and now it projects really well and the volume is much bigger. Time to record some more youtube clips I think.
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