Behringer -Equipment

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Behringer -Equipment

Postby Ed Boyd » Mon Jun 01, 2009 3:46 am

This weekend we played a Blues and Bar BQ festival that featured 3 bands on Saturday. We were the 2nd band. The event promoter had a Keyboard on the stage so I didn't unload the amp... just the Leslie. I have never used any of these little keyboard amps I carry a steroe power mixer with 2-3 way cabinets with 15" drivers for the low end.

What they had on stage was a Roland KC-550. It did a pretty good job with amplifying my Stage Piano. I am really getting tired of haul this bog speaker rig and today I have been thinking about getting getting one or 2 of the Roland amps. I see they are about $600.

A company called Behringer makes something along the same lines with a graphic EQ and supposedly more wattage for $350. I could have a smaller stereo rig for $700 if I bought 2 of these. I saw that Stacy Mitchhart's keyboard player had a couple of Behringer speakers he was using.

Is Behringer stuff any good or is low quality low price junk? Anybody use their stuff?

Thanks a lot.
Ed Boyd
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Re: Behringer -Equipment

Postby NEONMOONY » Mon Jun 01, 2009 4:06 am

Any Roland stuff I have had has been good stuff. I have a couple little behringer mini mixers that I use to allow a couple devices through a single amp input. They work ok. Behringer amps and PA's and such, I don't know.
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