Looking to purchase left-hand resonator....

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Looking to purchase left-hand resonator....

Postby elix » Sat Jan 07, 2006 4:53 am

[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jan-06-06 AT 11:55 PM (EST)]Well, I'm sure some of you might know me from my previous thread about my dilemma of hand-and-guitar-action but now, I got a new problem/question.

Since the beginning, I've been looking to buy a resonator but I was never really sure where and what kind of brand I should buy/etc.

I was also thinking about getting a electric-acoustic resonator..So I could spare change on buying two (but maybe i'll stick with the original resonator...how they ar supposed to be)...and if that's not enough, I was sorta thinking about going left-handed.

I figured switching to the lefty guitar would be better in the long run for my technique and setup.

Oh yeah, and if your not familiar with my situation...here's the thread:
http://www.bigroadblues.com/dcforum/DCF ... 9/677.html

As I was saying, I've developed a fairly (I would say) good skill at guitar playing...I still got a lot to learn though :) ... BUT, seeing how i'm left-handed and playing a right-handed guitar with my lefty doing the fingerpicking...It wasn't a very good thing to develop.

I'm sorta rambling now so I'll try to wrap this up.....in short,
i'm looking to get an Acoustic-Electric Resonator Guitar (Left-handed).

What would you guys suggest in this sort of situation.....I'm assuming find something like this will be harder than normal for me than it would be to find a right-hand. I'll be off to a guitar shop tommorow to see what I can find but in the meantime, i'm hoping someone can help me out with all the who/what/when/where questions on fulfilling my guitar request.

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