Fender Princeton Reverb

The lowdown on the Mississippi Sax. Just for Google, this section is about harmonicas.

Postby bosco » Mon Sep 03, 2007 1:20 pm


Right you are, but the tweed Princetons are so rare that they seldom come up in any harp discussion.

>I did re-tube it though with AX10's<

Could you elaborate on that Bluesfyre? Never heard of an AX10. Is that a sustitute for a power tube (6V6?) It's common for harpers to swap and diminish preamp tube values but those would be 12AX7s for 12AT7s, 12AY7s and 12AU7s.

>a 50 year old model with old components that smells like cat urine<

Most vintage amps do smell like that and I've often wondered about that phenomenon, Angerboy. Here's my theory-

When Muddy Waters invented electricity and budding guitarists powered up after the British invasion, the loud home intruding amplifiers became the object of disdain for all suddenly neglected housecats. Every time the owner left the premesis....wham. (or is that whiz?) As we all know, the scent of feline urine never really goes away, just diminishes, and often will be rejuvenated by a rise in temperature and humidity. The joy.
Just think of it as the missing certificate of authenticity for your vintage amp and be glad that your ears can at least smile while your nose frowns. (patent pending)

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Princeton Reberb Amps

Postby bluesfyre » Mon Sep 03, 2007 2:17 pm

I'm terribly sorry, Bosco, I guess I did leave unreliable info there. I keep a number of tubes in my gigbag for quick replacement should the worse happen, and it has. I currently have a pair of 12AX7's and a pair of 12AU7's in the box. The amp itself currently has 2 X 12AU7 in the pre-amp spots. You should always (if possible), use matching tubes. Thats type and strength. I found a ham radio operator, years ago, with a huge supply of tubes, and a reliable tube tester. He actually does the matching for me. Sorry for the inaccurate information.

*Just back from 'Blues on the Bay' in Alexandria Bay, New York :-)

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