Roland Micro Cube Clip. Finally!

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Roland Micro Cube Clip. Finally!

Postby bignick » Wed Oct 04, 2006 3:18 am

I was screwing around with I-75 (one of my previously recorded songs) last night and tried it through my Micro Cube. Its raw, but I figured it would serve as a good clip for those who have considered getting one of these little Tone Monsters.

The clip is called "Cube Demo" and it is on my soundclick page in my Sig below. I used my Japanese Squier Bullet and different effects/amp modeling settings on the Cube. The clean rhythm part is the "Black Panel" with Delay using the neck/middle pickups. The tremelo part was the Brit Combo and the bridge pickup. And the creamy lead tone was my neck pickup through the Black Panel with more gain and the tone rolled back a bit.

Definitely a versatile amp. I don't care for it through my acoustics, but I love it on my electrics. It is hard to beat. I'd like to try the larger versions. I wish the recording did the tones more justice.

For those considering trying out GFS pickups from, I have a set of 64 Grey Bottom Staggers in this guitar. I HIGHLY reccomend them for $67 a set (for their high end set).

Enjoy. If anything it was fun.
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