John Lee Hooker session

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John Lee Hooker session

Postby snakehips » Mon May 16, 2005 8:33 pm

Hi there !

I wonder if you can help !

I love John Lee Hooker stuff.
There is one track I love, I think from way back in the fifties.
I've got one track only from this particular session (as far as I know, unless he only did this one track at this session)

The Track is called "I Had A Good Girl".

Its on an LP (opens out like a double LP but only one LP in it). It is a sampler LP. Its got a picture of a Silvertone masonite electric guitar on the front cover (think Danelectro, different pick guard and 6 in a line headstock).
Other tracks on it include Twistin' the Strings by Ike Turner, Hawaiian Boogie (Elmore James), Pee Wee Crayton etc etc.

Thing is : I absolutely love this track - John Lee was in a real "zone" on that number. His guitar sound is really grungy/grinding like the amp is about to fall apart (not volume, just rumble). Are there any other tracks from this session ? Are they available ? Where ? Are these tracks as good ?

Please, please help ?
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RE: John Lee Hooker session

Postby bighollowtwang » Mon May 16, 2005 9:32 pm

[updated:LAST EDITED ON May-16-05 AT 05:33 PM (EST)]If you're talking about the song Don't Trust Nobody (I Had A Good Girl) where JLH plays without a band it's from a session dated Oct 18, 1954 for Specialty Records (recorded at United Sound). The track has been released on LPs by Ace and Specialty.
The other titles from that session are Nothin' But Trouble (Don't Take Your Wife's Family In), I Need Love So Bad and Odds Against Me (aka Backbiters and Syndicaters).
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