the spontobeat allstars on cd baby

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the spontobeat allstars on cd baby

Postby watertore » Sat Sep 10, 2011 11:20 am

Hi everyone: I decided to put a session recorded in august on cdbaby:

On this session Walter left his 1 man band setup and gathered some of his world class musician friends for an intimate afternoon recording session in Spontobeat. This session was a couple days after Walter's annual Tunnel of Dreams Festival that he puts on in his backyard each summer. The vibes were good and this cd presents it all uncut, so the listener can experience how Spontobeat unfolds. The entire session took less than an hour to master from the raw tracks and only a couple hours to record (including studio set up time). Walter's feels akin to sidewalk art(here today-gone tomorrow). He puts his entire being into each song and when it is finished, it is gone forever. New songs never cease to await him and he doubts he will ever get beyond page one of this endless journey. His art reflects life, thus all the warts and bumps are here. No plastic surgery with Spontobeat! Walter is seeking the right person to market his one of a kind approach to the world. Contact him if you are interested.

Mark Rubinstein is on bass/recording engineer, Sean Carney on guitar(vocals on 1 cut), and Katherine "steady baby" Stevens on drums.
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