putting on my own festival

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putting on my own festival

Postby watertore » Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:37 pm

Hi everyone: I am working on putting on a mini festival in our yard tenatively on the first saturday in august. I had talked with Adam Gussow a while back doing a 1 man band festival in our yard, but it would be too much work for me. What spurred this is a friend, Lewis Cowdrey, is coming to visit, record, and gig a bit with me. There is no stress on this one. Just let the locals know, post it on a few forums, and get down to playing music. It will have me in the 1 man band format, and a full band set up as well. Lewis is one of the original founders of the austin blues scene. His band, Storm, featured a who's who of the austin legends. Hopefully I will have a few other musical luminaries there as well. Our yard is on 3/4 of an acre that is nice grass and surrounded by trees. There will be no charge but I will have a tip bucket out to help Lewis defray his travel costs. More to come as things get more solidified.

Lewis is a world class harp/vocalist/guitarist/band leader. Here is some info on him.

Texas Blues Legend Lewis Cowdrey has been living in Wichita, Kansas for several years and playing locally. The Lewis Cowdrey story will be in an upcoming issue of REAL BLUES. Lewis was based in L.A. in 1968 leading a Black Blues band featuring Pee Wee Crayton. He also worked with Johnny Otis on a belated recording project before returning to Lubbock where he met a young woman who admired his record collection (Angela Strehli). Lewis also was co-founder of STORM, a legendary Austin, Texas Blues band that boasted Denny Freeman, Jimmie Vaughn, Keith Ferguson and W.C. Clark. His 1994 CD on Antone’s, “It’s Lewis,” is probably the Best Texas Blues release of the last 25 years. Unfortunately for Lewis, it was so good that it caused politics/jealousy to work against his career. It’s a topic not too many musicians are willing to talk about but when you have an Artist that’s so Great that he makes others feel/look 'less-than' the ugly side of Human Nature rears its' head...so despite the reluctance of certain people to help us find Lewis, we found him anyway. And, if we can turn the Blues World onto this incredibly talented, charismatic and AUTHENTIC Bluesman then everybody wins, right ?
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