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Blues performances

Postby DonnyK » Tue Mar 01, 2011 11:35 am

For my next blog I intend to write I'm going to compile a selection of blues performances found on youtube. I'm sure there'll be enough material to write a blog on both acoustic and electric (and maybe a third on alternative - or maybe just one HUGE SONOFAGUN blog... prob best writing individual ones actually). Anyway, I have quite a few ideas who to include, but I want to maybe get up to 20 or 25 and then rank them in preference, and the obviously detail the choice and why.

I'll be going through the obvious, Son House, Mississippi John Hurt, Lightnin' Hopkins etc and I have a fair few ideas who else to include but I'd appreciate any input. It has to be available on Youtube by the artist in question, and preferably a live performance (not just the audio track with an album cover art). If you have any favourite artists please post them, I'd also enjoy the discussion that may ensue. Would JB Lenoir make it into the list? He's borderline. I can't question his ability, but there are probably a fair few I find similar but prefer. Am I wrong?

This is probably a thankless task given that not many will read the blog, but I think I'm going to enjoy writing it and seeing what comes.


(and yes, I will be re-reading the Recommended Artists thread and taking my cue from there)
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