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a cool photo link

Postby watertore » Wed Feb 16, 2011 9:49 pm

Niles Fuller was a prolific photographer of Austin musicians. His work is archived in the University of Texas. He posted some pictures today and sent me the link. My picture brought back tons of memories. It was taken in front of the widow of the owner of lone star beer. Her mansion was in a neighborhood of austin that sports lots of these big boys. We knocked on the door and a maid let us in. We explained it was for a book on austin music. She said if it was good for Texas do whatever we wanted. The 1963 cadillac park ave. in the picture was my travel vehicle for 20 years. We pulled an equipment trailer and or house trailer depending on the gig situations. Dwight Yokum used it as the feature car in his guitar caddilacs video. Those were the days when live music was alive and well! Walter

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