Ampeg VT 40 Blues

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Ampeg VT 40 Blues

Postby Judge » Wed Jan 12, 2011 2:57 pm

Hi Everyone ,I,m judge from N.J.(new to the forum) and had a ques. for anyone who may be able to help me out.I have a VT 40 that I use for harp.(Killer BTW when it was working)Anyway the problem all started when the amp was left on while I was away on a 2 week vacation,how, well when you leave your 20 yr.old hardcore punk rock musician home with the keys to the studio with a few buds(of all kinds, aside from friends)somebody used it and forgot to hit the powerswitch.It didn,t make my return home a very happy one after realizing that this had happened.Anyway before taking to a tech would anyone be able to tell me what the extent of the damage could be when something like this happens.(powertrannys,switches etc.)Bottom line it doesn,t power up and yes I checked and changed the fuse.If anyone could give me an idea or some info on this it would be very much appreciated.Thanks for your help,Judge
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Re: Ampeg VT 40 Blues

Postby bottleneck » Sun Jan 16, 2011 8:11 pm

i have heard of people leaving their amps on that long on purpose,thinking it was less damage than on and off all the time.did you check the power cord itself?most ampegs are self biasing,so it might be safe to change the power tubes and see if it works.

check with somebody that knows better than me,haha!
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