New strings problem

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New strings problem

Postby rossfloss » Mon Jul 12, 2010 6:51 pm

I had the same set of strings on my Gibson LP for probably over a year. I never felt inclined to change them because I always wipe them down after every use so they always looked relatively clean. It therefore never sounded dull or bland like your typical grease caked black strings. So I just let them be and never had problems with them. Looking back I'm shocked they lasted so long.

The other day as you would expect the high E finally broke during a bend. I restrung the guitar with the same brand and same gauge strings (Ernie Ball Super Slinky). I'm a little bit shocked because I realized I much prefer the sound of my older very broken in strings. They had a smoother bouncier sound and the new strings have a bit more of a metallic clank/thud sound.
Has anyone else had this or something similar happen to them?
Are newer strings always supposed to sound better and my ears are just messing with me. Or is it "possible" for folks to prefer the sound of not-new strings?
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Re: New strings problem

Postby bluejay » Mon Jul 12, 2010 7:49 pm

I don't play out, nor are my almost daily practice sessions that long -- or always with the same guitar -- so I go quite a while before changing strings. I do, in fact, much prefer strings that are well "seasoned" and am going through break-in with two of my guitars, my Gibson LG-1, which just got a new set of GHS bronze lights, and my Reverend Charger 290, which just got a new set of Dunlop medium nickels.

On the LG-1, the only odd note is that the B string, a 16, sounds old. Not sure what to do about that! The guitar is small bodied, so I never expect much volume or bottom end, and new strings always sound very metallic for a bit. But I've never had one just seem dull at the outset.

On the Charger, it's taken about a week for the jangles to stretch out of the Dunlops and get richer. I expect that after a couple months they'll be where I like them.

Maybe I'm just cheap and lazy though. 8)

Well, now that this is on my mind, my Martin DMX is way overdue for a string change. :oops:
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Re: New strings problem

Postby goldbrick » Mon Jul 12, 2010 8:13 pm

I change the 3 high strings pretty regularly -- I use flatwounds on the bass side and they last forever and hold tune well

I'll buy a set of good flatwounds and then buy the 10 sets for $ 19 musicians friend strings and just chuck the wound strings or give em away
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