Lucky Jam setup at Shaw's

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Lucky Jam setup at Shaw's

Postby jeffl » Mon Jul 12, 2010 7:06 pm

I went to visit a buddy in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area last week and he took me down to a jam he'd been attending in a bar. I'd sat in, playin' harp with a guitarist from the house band at a gig at Famous Dave's last year, so I had a small "in". He embarrassed me a little by tellin' the jam host that he'd like it if I played with the house band instead of some jammers.

Luckily, I'd also done a gig the year before in my own town with the host and we recognized each other right away, so he accomodated my buddy by gettin' me in there with the house band's set... the first.

It was a great set though; lotsa fun. If you're a player from that area, I'd recommend the Monday nite jam at Shaw's in Northeast Minneapolis. Nearly all serious players, all nite long.

EXCEPT for one young skinny white kid who was going from Seattle to Michigan for a standup gig and did some crazy suburb-style rappin' with a guitar. That kid was either nuts or he had big cajones. He was alone too. IMO, he got lucky that he wasn't found out in the alley... but the people were nice about it. (Moderator: is this the right forum for this thread?)
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