Seeking agent for shows in Italy and Germany,

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Seeking agent for shows in Italy and Germany,

Postby busterbrown » Mon Jan 30, 2006 7:28 pm

“Willy’s Cry” featuring guitarist Willie Oteri
A very special Blues-Rock show!


Willie’s more progressive efforts with King Crimson sidemen has proven his odd creative side but sometimes we all need to get back to our roots. These upcoming blues shows will be a rare and enjoyable experience.

"I started out with Blues and Jazz and it is just in my soul"
-Willie Oteri

American guitarist Willie Oteri is known around the world primarily for his progressive rock work with Tony Levin (bassist for John Lennon, King Crimson and Peter Gabriel) Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, XTC) and Mike Keneally (Zappa) but Willie grew up with and started his career with Blues, Jazz and Rock. He has worked with such greats as Chris Maresh and Brannen Temple (from the Eric Johnson band and G3, Chris Duarte) and Willy’s Cry was a figure in the Bay Area Blues scene in the late 90’s before moving to Austin Texas and then Padua Italy.

Getting back to his roots of hot blues for some shows this spring and summer and seeking agents to book extra shows in Italy and Germany. Several shows are already booked but we need more and we need an agency that understands the market in these areas and is open minded enough to work with such a diverse artist.

Backed by some great musicians from Italy and Germany the band will perform original and traditional blues from Oteri’s early CDs, “Willy’s Cry…” “Perseverana” and “No Stick, No Beat.” These CDs provided Willie with great gigs in Austin Texas and SF area.
Willie has also performed at Stormy Monday Café and the Pit Inn in Tokyo Japan and many more venues throughout the world with thousands of fan letters and rave reviews from major publications including Guitar Shop, BAM Magazine, Vintage Guitar and many more.

If you love powerful blues-rock you will love these shows.

What the press has said:
“Willie’s got the whole Strat/Univibe sound down pat and can jam his head off!”
--Guitar Shop

"Startling and innovative with licks that are delightfully his own."
--Peoples Press

"Drenched with Hendrix allusions Oteri is a guitarist to watch out for."
--Jimpress Magazine

“Willy’s Cry, let the chops fly!”
--BAM Magazine

“Influences for sure but this is not another SRV or Hendrix clone and good old Jimi may be long gone but I guarantee you he would be proud of Willie’s guitar schooling.”
--City Revolt
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