Makin' a Jam Band a Non-Profit

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Makin' a Jam Band a Non-Profit

Postby jeffl » Tue Dec 11, 2007 2:53 pm

I've never mentioned this here before, but if you play in a group that primarily plays for fun and occasionally turns down money or doesn't really have a pricelist, you may want to become a "non-profit" organization. This is primarily for groups that have jammed together so long that clubs and organizations ask you to play for them. I've been in two jam bunches over the last 15-20 years who have operated this way (both were "closed" groups...invitation only); we would only use money to cover expenses, and the rest would go to local charities, which we would designate by consensus. Usually, this meant giving funds to the local food shelf, the historical society (who booked us numerous times, so we took their money and gave it back), etc. One of the benefits of this arrangement, other than its philanthropic gains, was that we could not be denied the use of public facilities, i.e. municipally owned lodges, halls, etc.; In one instance, we used this standing to rent a lodge from the city for every Wednesday night forever ( a loophole in their rental rules ). We ultimately turned the lodge back over to the city in the spirit of cooperation.. after they asked us nicely to forfeit it. In short, it's a good way to handle the business end of things if you have a "closed" jam group and really don't play to make money.
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