once again... where do they get these "sound engineers&

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once again... where do they get these "sound engineers&

Postby jaybee » Sun Sep 16, 2007 11:31 pm

had a gig last night at a "blues & roots" evening, 3 band thing with us playing the middle slot
I arrived well in advance and had a little chat with the sound guy - no sound check, but "what the hell, if the guy knows what he's doing you don't need it and if he doesn't it won't help any, right?"
I ask him if he's micking the guitar amps, or do I have to "cover" the room with my amp, which is a bit difficult, as I'm playing an 18 watt tube amp and the room was pretty big.As he is micking, I tell the guys to keep volume low on stage and let the PA handle FOH.
Halfway through the second song, no more bass - one way or another the sound man managed to kill the bass player's DI-box, once they got that one ut of the circuit, everything sounded fine, only now no more line to the PA for bass, so direct sound only
Between songs he came up to "have a chat" with the bass player, so I had to wait to start the next song until Mr PA had finished talking
Our harp player played direct to board, but hardly heard himself, although he kept signalling to have more harp in his monitor
I didn't hear my vocals, but more often than not I consider that a GOOD thing, so no problem there - I never even thought about it, since I heard everyone else - even the harp player, but he WAS standing close enough to me to FEEL his breath on my arm - seems like we had good volume balance on stage
when we finish, it turns out the #### put mics in front of everything, but never turned them on, monitors weren't on and FOH the vocals - at least THAT mic was on - were distorting all the time

should we have done a soundcheck? if it would have helped any, YES - as far as I can see, with everything that went wrong, it probably would have meant arriving 2 hours earlier with no guarantee of a better result

oh well, it's only blues, isn't it...

come to think of it, I forgot to ask the sound system company's name, so I am at risk of having to deal with them again....
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