Problems, how to get them, favorite songs to play, groupies, funky bar owners, etc. NO names of clubs, please.

Postby bosco » Wed Mar 21, 2007 2:51 pm

I still think if a band has the right business plan, you could gig clubs for a year or two, produce a good recording, develop a following, and then move away from the bar gigs to the other kind and stick with 'em. Pipe dream,huh.....

Maybe in a major metropolitan area, dunno if the location would make that much difference. Bubba, that has pretty much been my music biz plan through the last decade and two bands. Make a name fer yourselves in the bars and then go for the money, right? Here is what I have learned-

Everything changes and nothing stays the same. We've played our fair share of festivals, weddings and special events, but nobody stays in charge of this stuff. Every year the decision makers and budgets change. Different committee members, so and so resigned and somebody else is in charge, no funding this year, we're gonna go in a different direction...I've heard it all. "Annual" events will last two years and then fizzle out. And all of these new charges have got other musos tugging at their apron strings...shirt tail relation, friend of friend, etc.

In the end, ya just gotta stay in there and swing the bat, but if you want to avoid bars in these parts, you'll be lucky to gig often enough to keep a proper band together.

601- check this heartwarming story- Piere Lacocque bio...

Piere Lacocque, leader of this international recording outfit, left music entirely for 14 years! He has a PHD in psychology from Northwestern University, has had books published, and wrote articles for national trade publications. He grew complacent and missed his music too much. Scrapped it all and got back in the saddle. Great stuff.

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Postby jeffl » Wed Mar 21, 2007 3:22 pm

Bosco, the main reason I wanna avoid bars is 'cuz I get outa bed at 6:30 AM on Sunday to finish preparing to teach my Sunday School lesson, so gettin' 3 hrs. of sleep before that ain't gonna help keep me on my game, plus I work Saturdays. So, giggin' weekends is really hard for me, cuz I can't sleep in the next day. I guess those are the main reasons I'm fairly limited to what I can bite off. I'm fortunate to have a decent weekly jam to attend; I guess the best giggin' act I could put together that would work out for me is prob'ly a guitar/piano/harp duo to play restaurants and work a 6PM- 10PM shift and get outa there. I've done alotta that stuff in the past, and it's rewarding, but it ain't near as much fun as playin' good hard amplified blues and crankin' up the dance music. Without a drummer or bassist, I just don't get as jacked.
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Postby 601blues » Thu Mar 22, 2007 12:36 pm

:? Well Last night was a turnin point for me, I had a short session with my Bass Player,and 2nd guitar Player Brad, It just ain't feeling good at all so there is no reason to continue that road, Iam going back to my orginial game plan which wasn't a plan at all! Iam just stayin in the studio and sendin out my material the way I want it as I want it and don't havta be satisfied with sometin else, I don't agree with the route of playin Live to get known and then move up, that has not worked for me and a lotta different artist, I have radio stations in several countries playin my stuff, I can record a song down load it too my radio sites and in a couple days start gettin responce, Instead of a few drunks in a bar hearing my stuff I have several hundrend thousand,hearing me at my best, I can take my time and build a tune and expand on it try different sounds and tones ,and I do all the instruments ,so as I need another sound I just learn to play as needed the instrument I want! So I learn more!!So far, I have been able to pay all my distribution costs and packageing costs and had enough money to buy whatever eq I need, just from my sales,and put a few bucks in my pocket, My wife and I have a rule,that only the money made thur the studio will be spent on the studio, My daytime job goes for the Home expense,Also I have got 2 gigs each year in Grand Cayman,and Barbados, that I do, as a solo, So last night when I found my self getting frustrated ,and The Bass Player makin a comment that playing in Bars you hafta Play dance music, and to an extent he was correct, and not feeling any connection with thease guys, Afterward I told my wife,I didn't know what the Heck I was even wastin my time on this crap, and was Backing outta this right now and going back to the studio!! You Guys tell me what she said!!!! WE ALL KNOW!! HUH!!
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Postby 601blues » Fri Mar 23, 2007 12:54 pm

Thanks Bosco!! great story!! that applies to anything you dream about!!follow your heart!!
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Postby Bluelew » Sat Mar 24, 2007 11:48 pm

I'm a newbie here with a different perspective, I sacrificed my music career for a "square job", wife & family, house w/mortgage all that. Now I find I can still play out a bit, except no more travel. I don't really miss much. There has to be a balance in here for me somehow. I will not stop playing nor will I ruin my marriage.
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Postby oleman » Sun Mar 25, 2007 3:27 am

Sometime ago when I was chasing the dream of making it in the music business I destroyed a marriage due to the lifestyle that for many is inherent in the music business with all the booze, drugs and women.

That marriage would have selfdistructed if I had of been a corporate whore, bible reading, upstanding pillar of the community and boy scout leader.

I'm not making any apologies or excuses for chasing that dream.

As John Lee Hooker said....... "It's in em, and it got to come out; let that boy boogie woogie!"

It's the lucky one's that even get a chance at a dream. I feel blessed that at this stage of my life 50++ I'm getting another shot. I will use a little more discretion this time though.

Peace my brothers of wire and wood. And all who love the Blues.
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Postby grady » Sun Mar 25, 2007 4:41 am

I feel blessed also.
I turned a serious back injury and a future filled with the same old crap into a chance to play full-time and make a living.
3 years later, I've still got all the gigs I need to make a living.

I can't complain.
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