2 hog roasts just around the corner.

Problems, how to get them, favorite songs to play, groupies, funky bar owners, etc. NO names of clubs, please.

2 hog roasts just around the corner.

Postby stratman_27 » Fri Jul 21, 2006 2:00 am

One's for the local bike club and the other is being put on by our own drummer and some of his friends. The biker hog roast will probably be a pretty big affair probably around 500-600 folks and we'll be sharing the bill with a couple other bands. We've been working on some ZZ Top and a couple Steppenwolf tunes to add into the mix of blues and classic rock that we're already playing. I absolutely love to sing "The Pusher" lyrics kinda remind me of me many years ago. "ya know I smoked alot of grass, Lord I've popped alot of pills" Our drummer and his friends had planned a hog roast before he got involved in our band. He said he'll take up a collection sometime that night to get us paid. The last time they took up a collection for the band they got over $1000. That would be a damn good paying gig for us. The biker gig I think will be about 4 or 5 bills. We're doing really good for a new band when most of the local live venues only pay around 300 bucks for a band.

I've been talking to one bar owner who wants my band to play but he's a tight SOB doesn't want us to get the cover charge at the door. I told him its a win win situation for him if nobody shows he's not out much. But I think he knows that we'll pack the house and he'd rather pay us a flat fee and keep the rest.

We've been quite the buzz since playing at my boss's place on the 4th and we've all been getting calls to schedule us.

We better get our act together and get 3 full sets together and finally name the band. Anyone got any ideas for a band name.
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Postby oleman » Sat Jul 22, 2006 2:07 pm

One of the tried and true methods for naming bands is to use the old
"place name" technique. My old bands ex: West Ella
also Boston, Kansas, E street band, South by Southwest, Clear Ditch Ramblers, Down East, Across the tracks,

I feel that showing loyalty to a particular area engenders loyalty from the people in the area.

google--band name generators--there's a bunch of em.

Good Luck! A Name is very important!
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Postby bosco » Mon Jul 24, 2006 3:35 pm

Always thought that if I was from Kentucky that "KY Jelly" would be cool!

Just kidding...unless you like that one.

More information would help. Town name, number of members, etc.

A local group here calls themselves "WET" after their last name initials- Wentworth, Elliott and Taber. My band name "Streetsmart" came from a television show.

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Postby ricochet » Mon Jul 24, 2006 3:50 pm

I like the KY Jelly one, but I'm not from KY.

Johnson and Johnson, makers of K-Y Jelly, have no idea at this time where the name of the jelly came from. My hypothesis was initials of the inventors.
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