Problems, how to get them, favorite songs to play, groupies, funky bar owners, etc. NO names of clubs, please.

Postby lorilu » Tue Jun 13, 2006 3:03 am

Christine? I'm lost - where? Who's Christine besides a murdering vehicle?
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Postby ricochet » Tue Jun 13, 2006 7:18 pm

Christine shares the name of that movie car for a reason. Turn the switch on, and the front of the organ suddenly lights up like those headlights coming on. (A concealed fluorescent tube across the top that lights up the music rack, manuals and controls.) She came out of the falling down home of a strange old hermit who was mysteriously murdered. The next door neighbor bought the house to tear it down, and found three Hammond organs inside, of which Christine was one. (The others were newer all solid-state synthesizer organs. No soul to those.) She arrived at my home in absolutely horrible shape, covered with filth and filled with a nasty mouse nest inside. Made horrible thunderstorming noises, hissing, crackling and hum, and lots of the features didn't work. (I skipped over nearly getting crushed unloading her off the back of an F-350. I was saved by the quick reflexes and brute strength of a couple of burly teenagers when I tripped and went down while trying to support a corner of the lower end as she came off the tailgate.) I talked nicely to her, cleaned out the mouse nest, oiled the motor and tone generator, replaced the cracked power cord, cleaned off the grime and shined her up with furniture polish. Let her run, and played with her. She started fixing herself. Noises went away, tabs started working. I ended up doing very little work on her, just replacing that power cord and three capacitors in the power amp. I still need to replace one leaky transistor, but pretty much everything else took care of itself. My wife was initially spooked by this stuff, especially my naming her Christine and talking to her. She swore she heard her turn on and play when I was at work and no one was around. She said she wasn't about to speak ill of her, and decorated her with nice stuff on top like candlesticks, a mantle clock and pot of artificial plants. Everything's peaceful at home now, and Mrs. Rico enjoys hearing me play on Christine. She finds the organ music restful.
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