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Swanage Oct 2009

PostPosted: Sun Oct 11, 2009 6:03 pm
by maxx england
Got down to Swanage with Clive early, brother turned up somewhere about the time Jakey did at the Red Lion. We did the open mic, unhappy with sound, especially as Clive had been fiddling with his Squier Bullet and it was getting sort of "Asian" at times. Went off to our digs, then met up later at the Purbeck for John Crampton.

Saturday, much damaged by the previous night, we went and busked at the preserved steam line station, me, Jakey and John McClean, raised £17 from a limited amount of passing trade, most of whom were only interested in the trains. Got the chance to show Jakey a version of Going Down on a banjo, works so well I think Don Nix nicked from a banjo player (Steve Darrington, the organiser was impressed with raising what we did in unpromising circumstances, and is looking at expanding the busking, but has to deal with Bureaucracy along the way).

The open mic was not much better. Al, a harmonica player was up with us, we were OK except we did Thrill Is Gone (Bm) and he dropped out unable to find a harp key for it.

Marko and me went to see Robin Bibi on the night, the two singles went off their own ways (Jakey says he chanced upon Clive talking to several women during the evening). Bibi over, sat outside the Ship, gassed with Jakey, then g'night all.

Sunday open mic better, Jakey gave an exhibition of bravery whilst under post alcoholic duress; got the biggest cheer of all for having gone for it in that state and pulled off a very good third number.

Then we went to the White Horse jam, Jakey got some numbers to play in, Clive did a couple, but Superham got up for over an hour as a duty rhythm and slide player. Jakey will confirm, it was meant to be 2 till 5, ran 3 till 7, and it took off, I mean really, really, took off. You know that there's always somebody at the back not that much into what you're doing? And you're doing OK if they tap their feet? And really good if they get up and dance? There wasn't a back. Everybody up, a seething, dancing wall of joy, never had a gig in my short time playing publicly like it, I don't know if I ever will again, Atmosphere? Steaming! :mrgreen:

We went off, parked our gear, then washed and brushed up, off to the Grand Hotel for the organiser's finale with his band. I got to dance with a nice lady, but that's all, I'm an old married man, honest. But Clive went for a walk with the same lady. For 20 minutes. They seemed happy enough.

We left him there and went down to the Anchor for the last band (can't remember who without looking it up) and that about wraps the weekend up.

Farewells on Monday morning, transferring gear from one car to the other round the back of the Red Lion, and the descent back into normality.

Anybody in the British wing of BRB who hasn't tried this one really should. Ask Jakey, atmosphere, warmth, fun.

Re: Swanage Oct 2009

PostPosted: Sun Oct 11, 2009 9:29 pm
by JakeyVimto
Quite a weekend, i learned a lot. First of all, if you are going to play a string instrument in a fingerpicking style in public, playing songs you aren't real familiar with, DONT drink enough to make your hands shake the next day. Goddamn it, that was dumb. Although its nice to know I can more or less talk my out of bad gigs these days, thank christ. I will be a lot better prepared before playing the banjo in public again.

That jam on the sunday was on fire for two solid hours. No prima donnas, a bunch of real good players and a crowd who really like some good blues. Plus i got to go out on a high note, playing harp with John McLean, that was solid.

If you like blues music, friendly pubs and good jam sessions, I'd check out the next Swanage festival. Good times for not much cash.

And Maxx, cant wait for more of marko's vids, just tell him noone needs to see my open mic session from the sunday eh? The rest of it is fair game. Nice work all round sir.

Re: Swanage Oct 2009

PostPosted: Sun Oct 11, 2009 11:30 pm
by Bournio
Damn sounds like a fun weekend!! I guess I'll make Swanage at some point! 5-7 of march looks good to me!

I got my first anti-compliment whilst playing live on wednesday, playing that 5-string wmd...
"You're not very good at playing banjo are you"
"nope, not been playing it long"

I figure I'll take guitar next week and if the same man comments hit him with it(or play him some Son House recordings.._)

Re: Swanage Oct 2009

PostPosted: Mon Oct 12, 2009 9:33 pm
by maxx england
Backhanded compliment: somebody said to me about my playing at the start of this learning process, "You're shit, but you sound like a black man". Hopefully only one of those two has changed.

Re: Swanage Oct 2009

PostPosted: Tue Oct 13, 2009 12:47 am
by Bournio
You're black but you actually sound like shit? (I guess it's similar to a night on the guiness...)

Orrr "You're not half bad, but you sound like a black man"