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PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 5:04 am
by jbone1
i got a call today from a friend who has a 4 piece blues band. we met these guys about a year ago and it was an instant friendship, more or less based on our taste in blues.
a little background, we have been working on getting some gigs where we open for them, since we're a duo and they are a full band. then later on we all play and sing a set together. one big party! we're booked with them in about 4 weeks and again in 6 weeks like that.

so Chad calls me and asks if we want to play a 10 am gig tomorrow, which we accepted! it's a set to open, then another guy does a set, then i- and maybe Jolene also- sit in with these guys for part of their set to finish up the mini-fest. pretty dang cool.

nice to get a call like that!

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 12:28 pm

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 9:37 pm
by maxx england
Nice work. Any room for a roadie with a bad back?

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2009 2:33 pm
by jbone1
here y6a go, my blog from the event yesterday-

Friday i got a call from Chad Carter, guitarist/singer and frontman for UNSEEN EYE, inviting us to head down to Arkadelphia on Saturday and play a set at a blues/bbq/car show fest put on by the city.
I called Steve, the guy in charge of the fest, and squared away when and where to show up for the event, and after an evening full of unexpected minor crises, we turned in and got up and out the door Saturday morning with just enough time to get to Arkadelphia in time to set up for our hour and a half opener.
Set in a city park, the stage was a pavilion covered with a blue awning in among oak trees and overlooking all the great old cars people had brought to the show. Barbecue was the aroma of the day with a dozen or more BBQ competitors vying for a ribbon, set up in the shady area behind the stage. So we were sandwiched between pulled pork and polished rides!
The set was to be a long one, 90 minutes, but definitely worth the drive down. We were the first act and the sound guy was just getting the p.a. set up as we lugged our gear from the car to the stage. Crowd was a bit light but that has never stopped us before- my personal goal is to reach a few people at least with our brand of blues!
So we kicked off with our usual cover of New Stranger Blues, a song I have loved for years and that seems to just be right to open with. We had picked out some pretty deep and even obscure material and several originals for the set, and we eased into our thing. Jolene brought out the slide and we did some very cool delta stuff in there someplace too. Heads turned, attention was gotten, that sweet groove was laid down. A gal from a local radio show came by and chatted us up between songs- sorry I missed your name young lady, we do look forward to hearing from you! Also a couple or 3 news photogs showed up and snapped a few pics, so who knows, maybe we're about to be catapulted into notoriety.
A few songs into our set, UNSEEN EYE showed up. Always a welcome sight, these guys are fine friends and musicians who have very similar taste in blues as Jolene and I. Chad wheeled an amp over and brought out an old old Kay (I think) guitar, plugged in, and sat in with us on several songs. Then Joby, the drummer, began setting a rhythm behind us, and Chet slung his bass on and added to the groove. Man, it was a really great set! Those guys added a whole new dimension, especially to some of our original material we have always done as a duo. Thanks guys, y'all are the best!
A couple of times the power went out on part of the stage, but it was restored quickly and we carried on. Before we knew it we were down to just a few minutes of our set left, amazing how time really does fly when you're having fun! The weak breaker kicked again, and instead of sitting around waiting for the power to come back on, we just wailed out a John Lee Hooker-inspired original, Twin Steel Rails.
Several picnic goers came by to compliment us on our unique sound and style. One guy from Indianapolis I think, came over to buy a cd. Nice crowd!
Jo as usual did a great job on both guitar and vocals. I know how lucky I am as always!
So our set was over and UNSEEN EYE was ready to do their set. We took a break, got some cold water and a BBQ sandwich etc, and took a break, sat in the car with the a/c cranked. By the end of our set the temp was near 90 degrees and muggy, so I was soaked with sweat. After a while we headed back to the stage area to hear Chad, Chet and Joby do their thang with the blues groove. Which i find to be always a pleasure to hear.
I took a walk among the cool old iron, everything from a stock Model A up to radical custom trucks and cars sporting 400+ horsepower and more dough in their paint than I've ever spent on a car!
Chad had invited me to come in for a few songs on harp, so I went back to the stage and plugged in the big bad Bassman amp and proceeded to blow some stuff up. I can only give Steve Clark of Sligo Amps total props on the build he did on that amp, and Greg Heumann the same for an excellent job modding my E-V mic that I had plugged into it. Jo came up for one song and we all did a verse or two, and the show was over. Time for Lightnin Lee Langdon to do the last set of the show. If it had been near 90 for Jo's and my set, it was closer to 100 by that time. I was totally covered in sweat, but it was very worthwhile to sit in with these guys.
We all loaded our gear up and got paid, and Steve, who runs that event, told us to plan on playing it next year. Nice! And though we would have liked to catch Lee's set, we were just too hot and tired out to stay. We hit the road for home.

It's surprising to me, how energized I am while I'm on stage, and how drained I feel later after I get home. It's that "GOOD TIRED" thing.
We had a really great time there in Arkadelphia, doing our thing, hanging with UNSEEN EYE, and all.
As always, Jo is my hero. She gets overheated easily, but stuck in there for that long set. She laid down some great blues and roots too.

Over all I say we had a really good day!! And thanks to Chad for asking us out to this event- we owe ya one baby!!