Eden bass cab

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Eden bass cab

Postby mike932 » Sun Nov 30, 2008 1:25 am

I recently purchased an empty 4X10 Eden Bass cab from Ebay. The cabinet is incredible, hardwood plywood, tighter than a Nun's butt, covering flawless. I paid a total of 86.00 bucks. The weird thing is the guy I won the bid from would not except pay-pal and sent me a total price of 84.32 (including shipping). I sent the guy 86.00 because I was at the bank getting the bank check he requested and forgot the amount, so I new it was under 86.00 so I rounded it off to 86.00, no big deal. I sent the check off and two weeks later my cabinet arrived. I posted a positive feedback. The next day I received an e-mail from the guy thanking me for the feedback, and he also demanded I send him another 22.00 because the shipping was more than he expected. The weirdo told me pay-pal was a good way to send it to his e-mail address. Well guess what, I ain't going to do it, I also posted a follow up feedback indicating the guy was strange. Ok, enough drama, my question to the Board, what are the advantages of mounting the speakers on top of the board rather inside? I have vintage Fender 10" bass speakers from 1966. The only reason I bought the cab was because I had the speakers and they were just sitting around gathering dust. I have a tweaked Bogen tube amp to drive them. The amp is really cool, I have been driving a 12" Jensen Mod bass speaker with it in another cab I put together from parts. I am looking for some wild ass speaker cloth to cover the front. I have a metal alien badge to place on it for it's brand moniker. Also, how about the insulation inside? The cab had the yellow fiber stuff in it but it has been removed. Most of the cabs I have pieced together have been inside speaker mount, just curious about mounting them on the outside.
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