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Postby Derekslide » Thu Oct 16, 2008 6:57 pm

bignick wrote:I love capos. I know a lot of people frown on them, but I don't give a shit.

My whole purpose for playing in Open D, E, etc. is that I have a specific way I play and a specific sound I am looking for. Tuning open accommodates the way I play the best. The cool thing about using a capo, is that it makes the feel of the guitar different. The further you move the capo towards the 12th fret, the more tension you have on those strings.

Albert Collins did that. He picked really hard with his fingers and preferred a lot of tension. He capoed up at the 7th and 9th a lot. Jimmie Vaughan capos for a totally different reason...he prefers riffs in the 1st position so he capos to where that position is. I even read an interview where he stated that he capos to help him sound more like himself. Capos also save your neck if you want to tune up to say...Open E or Open A. You can tune to Open G or D and simply capo the 2nd fret.

I use one for all of the above reasons. I would highly suggest paying the $14 to pick one up.
That's pretty cheap, my local shop I shop at sells them for $20 that's with tax included but I got a some kind of players discount there and it makes it like $15 even no tax.

I just have to relearn to play light with the slide, after 3 months of playing on the acoustic it's a weird feeling.
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