Anyone want a modded strat clone?

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Anyone want a modded strat clone?

Postby bignick » Fri Sep 26, 2008 5:51 pm

This is a great slide guitar and cheap to boot, which is why I'm offering it up to you guys. I don't play electric a whole lot anymore.

It's an SX SSTMG. Alder body, really well made. I upgraded the tuners with pings and it has a GFS wired pickguard with a single high output humbucker. An absolute screamer. Jumbo frets and a nice chunky neck. The back is also painted which is cool, especially on a guitar this cheap. The bridge is the only downfall, the cheap imported version, but it holds up fine. I added string trees and a graphite nut as well.

$100 to a forumite takes it shipped. Would be a great travel guitar.


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