Lubricating nuts?

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Re: Lubricating nuts?

Postby Little Tina » Mon Oct 27, 2008 7:38 am

grady wrote:My advice is, have the slots in the nut cut correctly and you don't have to lubricate the nut on your guitar. I've never lubricated the nuts on any of my guitars and they all stay in tune perfectly thru heavy bending.

Just took my cheapo LP to a luthier for a nut job and he told me the same. Makes sense.
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Re: Lubricating nuts?

Postby ricochet » Tue Oct 28, 2008 2:34 pm

Well, yeah, it makes sense, and I started to say something earlier about how if the nut slots are done right in the first place you have no problem, but where's the fun in life if you can't make some halfassed kludges to get by now and then?
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