Feedback Buster ??

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Feedback Buster ??

Postby crowduck » Wed May 10, 2006 9:39 pm

What are feedback buster all about, and how do they work?

I've got a little condensor mic PU coming for my Washburn Rover, and I've been advised I might need one. The soundhole of the Rover isn't a standard size, and is oval shaped to boot, so I'll have to DIY. I saw one guy who covered the condensor mic with a foam kareoke mic cover, and a foam plug in the soundhole with solid cardboard covering the hole. All that seems a bit 'overboard' to me, but I have no experience with these things.

Anyone got any 'cheap and dirty tricks' to make a DIY feedback buster?

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RE: Feedback Buster ??

Postby allanlummox » Wed May 10, 2006 11:46 pm

When I play a flat top, I use a Feedback Buster. It's just a black plug that fits into the soundhole, and it works like a charm.

Several years back, I was working as a stage hand at a "recital night" for a National Guitar Seminars class. Kids from around 13 to 80 - guitar sleep away camp.

It was my job to plug'em in and push'em out there. Anyone with a flat top, I also put the 'buster on. A few asked about it - and loved getting this little last second "Pro tip".

It also made the evening a LOT easier on the ears than it might have been.

They aren't expensive.
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