Wooden body "Style O" Resonator

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Wooden body "Style O" Resonator

Postby Hokum » Thu Jun 26, 2008 9:30 pm

Heya, first post :)

I've been looking for one quite some time, but apparently they are *horribly* hard to find. And I'm not talking about those dobro hound dogs with spider biscuits or Johnson resos with funky big bodies, I'm into a 30's national style with Violin styled f-holes and 12th fret joint ( like the one Rory Gallagher) used to partner up with my repuclic reso-relic.

A friend of mine got me an old Stewart Mcdonald catalog that had a certain "Delta Resomaster" resonator guitar kit for just what I wanted, and i got all excited about getting it... but unfortunatelly they don't sell it no more :(

The national wooden body models being made are out of my league ( I'm looking for something for something priced bellow 800 dollars. and to think the resomaster kit would've costed 280 :( ) and frankly, they just don't have the stetic value Im looking for. Also, I live in Brazil and I need a store that ships internationally.

Anyone got info?
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