Poor Man's Sound Improvement

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Poor Man's Sound Improvement

Postby MakaInOz » Tue Jun 17, 2008 2:31 am

I run harp through a 520DX Green Bullet into a Johnson T25R amp, currently replacing one 12AX7 preamp tube with a 12AY7 and the other with a 12AU7 to get the feedback level tolerable. Its a pretty good value setup for a poor man's tube amp rig at 25W RMS (nominal) through a 10" speaker. But it's no Sonny Jr Cruncher!

With the reduced output of the preamp, and still some constraints on volume before feedback, I wanted to get a bit more 'oomph', so I started down the path of an extension cab. The T25R has an 8 ohm ext speaker output and I wanted a twin speaker setup and was looking for either 8" or 10" speakers and minimum cost for the whole thing. Finished up buying a National 'suitcase' style stereo twin speaker cab from a 60's film projector on eBay. It had two 6 1/2", 5W, 8 Ohm speakers in it. I also found a pair of 8", 35W, 15 ohm Magnaflux red cap speakers of unknown, but significant, age on eBay.

I took the 6 1/2" speakers out, replaced them with the 8", wired it in parallel and put standard 1/4" jacks in it. It still looks just like the original National cab, but has a lot more 'poke'. Its neat to have the option to 'take the lid off the suitcase' - it means I can use one of the speakers for foldback if necessary, or can spread the sound source out over the three speakers - constrained only by cable lengths.

The end result is a T25R running a 10" and two 8" speakers. The old Magnaflux 8" have a great tone and my overall impression is that it has improved both the tone and the available volume of the rig. It also looks good!

Total investment in the extension cab - less than $40!
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Re: Poor Man's Sound Improvement

Postby bluejay » Tue Jun 17, 2008 7:16 pm

Cool! Any pics would be great.
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Re: Poor Man's Sound Improvement

Postby jeffl » Tue Jun 17, 2008 7:23 pm

That setup sounds cool. There's nothin' like a bigger sound. That'd be dicey to gig with though, 'cuz there's only two kinds of guys that are gonna buttonhole you during a break to ask you about it: the seriously interested harper in the crowd, and the drunk who's played a little music and wants to spill his drink on your cabs,lol!
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