K&K Reso pickup rocks!!

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K&K Reso pickup rocks!!

Postby texas blues » Wed Mar 14, 2007 4:29 pm

Last night I popped into my fav local mic and was able to get in almost 45 minutes of playing time. I was itchin't to try out a K&K pickup I had installed on my Orpheum spider reso. This pickup even without pre-amp is loud! I had plugged the guitar into my tweed champ and deluxe before and knew it sounded good but had not run it straight into the board of a pa. Lawd' have mercy!! I ran it through a BD-2 for a hint of swamp and to be able to tweek the sound if necessary but not much was needed. Rolled off the treble a skosh and the pickup has great response across the board. It really put out the sound of the reso very accurately with out sounding "electrified" . I am very impressed. I highly recommend this pickup for anyone wanting to punch up thier sound through a pa or amp. Cheers
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