PA System

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PA System

Postby eline » Fri Dec 01, 2006 4:09 am

Just starting a band and I don't have a whole lot of equipment. I myself play harmonica and have mics and a amp for myself, but I'm thinking about a PA system. Let's keep in mind that I play blues and the blues harp because...well I'm broke most of the time (a family man really). Anyways, what's recommended as far as make? Something decent for the money.
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Postby gatorblue » Fri Dec 01, 2006 11:59 pm


I personally prefer the powered (active) cabs with a mackey mixer.

You can find used powered cabs in the 300-500 watt (each) range in the used stores, pawn shops and music-go-rounds if you look. They have a 12-15" woofer and a horn in a cab with the bi-amped power built in.

You can also find a used Mackie or similar 6-8 channel mixer used. So together, you can have a great 600-1000 watt, biamped system for a better price than a lot of used packages at half the cost.

Why powered cabs? 1) your not dragging around a mixer and a big heavy amp. 2) By doing this eachamp perfectly matches each woofer and each horn and you don't lose power that is used up in a traditional system with crossovers that eat power to "filter out" the lows and highs of the same signal. 3) It's a simpler system to move, set up and take down.
You just run a line out from the mixer to each cab or (if you are mono) just cascade the two together and run one line out. If you need to add a monitor later, you can find another used cab and put the other line out on your mixer to it and control the volumes on the main cab and your monitor separately. I went this was several years ago and it's been great.

So to summarize---more power, less hassle, less moving parts and weight to carry around.
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