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Postby 601blues » Sun Nov 26, 2006 11:12 am

:shock: Jaybe I feel they are over priced as well, but heck everything is over priced, When I first started playin the Harp, I could go into any drug or 5&10 and get a marine band for 2 bucks and a set of black diamond strings for 1.50 But as far as gibsons go yes they are expensive but you get what you pay for, yes if you go by looks the epi line will give you that look at a cheaper price,but the thing is you don't look at music you listen to it, But you will not get the Gibson sounds, Like I said The Epi's I have sound great in a lower volume studio setting, but for live work They do not have the Punch my Gibsons have, Also the resale value and investment potential's is there with a Gibson, where as with Epi your money is gone,
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Postby guitarslim101 » Sun Nov 26, 2006 4:27 pm

I agree. I love my Gibsons (which I'm still paying my dad for) and wouldn't dream of replacing them with less expensive alternatives. However, Gibson needs to change their current business practices if they want me to purchase a new instrument from them again.
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