Bass amp question

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Bass amp question

Postby thebluesbox » Thu Nov 09, 2006 12:47 am

Im building a bass amp set up for a buddy with a head and a 15' cab, I went with a new bass amp head from pegasus amp co. from ebay because it was most affordible its a 140 watt at 8ohms and 300 watt at 4 ohms with 2 out put jacks. I got the head in today and I dont have the speaker or cab yet to test it, I wanted to at least test this amp out make sure it worked and all so I hooked it to 2 stereo speakers 10' mid wattage at 8 ohms and hooked my harp mic to it. What is on my mind is for either 140 or 300 watts this thing wasnt very loud the way I had it hooked up I paralleled speakers on one side to make it a 4 ohm load and it didnt seem like it changed any. I have a 200 watt 15' 8 ohm speaker coming in the mail. Is there any reason you would think this amp isnt enough power other than it being a cheap amp? In other words do you think because I have small wattage spkrs hooked and using a harp mic to test it has anything to do with it?

What worries me is I will get the speaker in the mail but I still cant test it because I dont have a 15' cab and the guy im building this for is waiting to catch up $$$$ before we buy a cab, I wanted to get the amp tested out to be sure its enough power and works well before days go by and I have no return policy in the air, I think I got 7 days and I have no bigger speakers or cab to test it with.

Just lookin for some more experienced thoughts and advice here, the amp looks solid, previous buyers have positive reviews I tried to contact a few of them but got no reply. I may be worrying for nothing Im just not sure this amp is enough, I figured 140 or 300 watts woulda blow me through the wall no matter what I hooked to it. Think having the bass guitar hooked instead would have made a difference? Or bigger bass speakers. This amp does have a limiter input and out put what ever that means I dont know much about bass equipment im just trying to help my buddy out and I dont wanna end up waisting his money.
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Postby texas blues » Thu Nov 09, 2006 8:16 pm

Take the amp to your local guitar shop or music store under the guise that you are looking for a new cab and plug in and test.
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