Help me out on an amp dillema guys!

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Postby bignick » Wed Aug 16, 2006 3:59 pm

Dillemma solved guys. No matter how you slice it, that thing was too much power for me to utilize it to it's potential.

I have my 8 watt tube and my Roland Micro-Cube and that is really all I need right now. I won't be buying a large amp until I know that I need one. Right now, I don't need one.

I was going to swap for that Blues Junior but figured that since I have a perfectly good low-watt tube amp there just wouldn't be a point to owning another.

I have been craving a good electric acoustic lately, and ended up falling in love with a beautiful Alvarez:

This is honestly the nicest playing and most versatile guitar I have ever owned. I'm totally infatuated by it and am more than happy with my decision.
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Postby jeffl » Wed Aug 16, 2006 4:11 pm

It's generally been hard to go wrong with Alvarez,Nick. I love their headstock logos,too! I like to be able to see what a guy's playin' from 100 feet away,if possible...just for my own curiousity's sake. On the other hand, Martins have always had this understated,almost austere look to them. Here's the other side of the spectrum: Ever heard of this guy? Only a few people have. He's outa the town that I work in. He jus' did a Martin Anniversary commemorative guitar for Martin that's not for sale.
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