Overheard in the guitar store

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Postby savage » Tue Jul 18, 2006 8:06 pm

I really don't listen to salesmen. You gotta make your own appraisals and judgements. Why would put your wallet in the hands of someone whos just tryin to make a buck off you? I'm not sayin that all salesmen are bad, but I think its best to do your own research before buyin somethin. They're gonna keep talkin until you either say "ok i'll take it" or "im not buyin anything today". Its still a funny environment for jokes though. Sometimes I still cant help questioning what they say.
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Postby 601blues » Tue Jul 18, 2006 8:19 pm

Beaudreaux, wanted a new suit, and asked the salsman for the cheapest suit, the salesman said 200, thats too much!!I got fifty bucks,sez ole Beaudreaux, heres one for fifty ,try it on,said the salesman, So ole Beaudreaux put it on and looked in da mirror, Looks like one arm is short.The Salesman said, just hold your arm up like this!! so Beaudreaux, picked his arm up!! Looks like one leg is short!! Jus pick dat leg up a little, sez da Salesman!! so ole Beaudreaux picked up dat leg!! Looks GREAT!! said da salesman,you wanna wear it!! Why not said Beaudreaux, gave the salesman da fifty and walked down duh street!! Two Ole ladies seen Beaudreaux commin, One sez Oh My Look at this poor cripple comin down da street, limpin like dat,and whats wrong with his arm, Da other said ,Look how nice his suit fits!!
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