Gear review on OSP guitar from Sigler Music

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Gear review on OSP guitar from Sigler Music

Postby stratman_27 » Tue May 23, 2006 12:56 am

Based on about a two hour session with my newest aquisition. I've come to the conclusion that the OSP is a fine instrument and a great bang for the buck. It is styled after a gibson SG with chrome hardware no neck binding or extras but just a straightforward SG. Soundwise its pretty dead on an SG's driven sound but the cleans are a little muddy without true definition. I haven't got to play around too much with the tone knobs and volume knobs but they do seem to make significant changes to the tonal character. What I'm saying is I haven't found the sweet spots. Now when you step on the fuzz or a tubescreamer this baby will rip. Think Jeff Beck "Ain't Superstitious". I think it will make a great player as well as a ripping slide guitar. Any questions about it just ask.

Price paid $209: Includes shipping, and a nice hardshell case that I didn't even tell you guys about.
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Postby slickcat » Thu May 25, 2006 1:23 am

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