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New homerun from Fender

PostPosted: Mon Sep 27, 2010 1:55 pm
by TheDude
Just pulled the trigger on the new Fender Mustang II amp. Wasn't able to play it quite as much as I'd hoped this weekend (she-who-must-be-obeyed had other plans :mrgreen: ), but enough to know that for me this one's a winner.

It's a 40W (1x12) solidstate/dsp amp by Fender, with amp modeling and effects. The high-gain models (Marshall/Boogie/Peavey) are a bit "meh", but that's not why I bought the amp. The 4 Fender models (57 Deluxe, 65 Twin, 59 Bassman and Super Sonic) are pretty spot-on. Haven't detected any of the usual digital "pops and noises". Sounds quite warm with a fair amount of dynamics. It doesn't replace for 100% a real Bassman or Twin of course, but I do like it better than some of the smaller tube amps Fender's been putting out recently (Champion 600, SCXD and to some extent even a Blues Jr). Effects are pretty decent too and for us blues guys there are 12 delays/reverbs to play with, with among others a pretty lush interpretations of Fender's own 63 & 65 reverb.

You can plug the thing into a pc (usb output on the amp) for deeper editing of the parameters or for recording (software included).

It's exactly what I wanted in a do-it-all amp.

1) Light weight
2) Small-ish (size of a Blues Junior)
3) Classic Fender tone at any volume level
4) Perfect for at home: practice, recording, jamming
5) Closed-back cab gives it quite some "push" so it's likely to be loud enough for small gigs (pubs)
6) Cheap at 199$

1) Higher gain stuff not of the same quality as the Fender models
2) PC editing probably too fiddly for analog "knob" guys
3) Doesn't replace a cranked, big tube amp

Hoping to really put her to the test on Thursday, but so far I'm loving it!

Re: New homerun from Fender

PostPosted: Tue Apr 12, 2011 12:21 pm
by Gham
This amp(and the whole Mustang line) gets great reviews over on the Telecaster forum
I heard one when they first came out and was pretty impressed for the money.

It didn't make me want to swap off my VibroChamp XD though