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Need this to quench my hunger for the Blues

PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2009 9:49 am
by cheap tequila
Hi, this is my 2nd post after the introduction.

I happens to bump into this place when I was searching for lyrics on Sam Lightning Hopkins Gospel Blues - Needed Time (aka Jesus won't you come by here?). Haven't found much yet. I'd lost the vinyl copy & remember that it was a sountrack for the movie "Sounder" where Taj Mahal also acted in it, but the track was sung by Hopkins. The words are vague now :roll: .

Got some free listening on a website that had the song cut about 1/3. Solo still intact. Eric Bibb's version is kinda different from his & slower.

Lyrics is good nuf & I'll try to fill in the guitar parts but if you like to share with me your version, thank a million :mrgreen: , coz I'll still not good with the Blues. I figured it's played at E flat with D if capoed 1st & C if capoed 3rd. OR, could it be a non-standard tuning?

Just wondering if anyone of you good people have this in the sleeve of the vinyl or CDs or in books, any media? :blink: