Kookie Khords...

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RE: Kookie Khords...

Postby bluesmouse » Tue Oct 18, 2005 8:11 pm

Thanks BF, I just looked him up on Amazon- looks interesting and up my alley. 'Shooty-bang genre' and 'reasonable degree of literacy and credibility' certainly get the thumbs up from me.

I've been reading a Carl Hiassen novel which is entertaining (a bit Elmore Leonard)but not a patch on the John D. Macdonald Travis McGee series which it's similar to. I never realised what a phenomenon the McGee books were in their day until I did some research on the net. I love the pulps!

I might try and start a reading thread on the way off topic now....

>Cheers, mate.
>A propos a recent email (apologies for the non-response)
>being these days merely interested in light entertainment,
>principally of the shooty-bang genre, but requiring a
>reasonable degree of literacy and credibilty, I am finding
>delight in the works of one, Tony Hillerman.
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RE: Kookie Khords...

Postby houndog » Wed Oct 19, 2005 4:30 pm

>From Spud's chord,
> I was trying it out in G tuning and on my first attempt got
>into the same place as Baddfingg as my 3rd finger found
>sitting on the 2nd fret 4th string hard.
>1st fret, 2nd string, 1st finger
>2nd fret, 3rd string, 2nd finger
>>3rd< fret, 4th string, 3rd finger.
>And if you pick these notes 4th,3rd,2nd,1st and then open
>and go back in reverve order you get the opening line to "
>Frankie and Johnny".
>( and a bit of the Stars and Stripes )
>nice stuff,
> Lovat

if you use the above shape in G tuning BUT move it all by one string towards your feet, and then move it all up to the fifth fret you have the beautiful first chord in Poor Bob's "Terraplane Blues"

So it should now look like;

5th fret,1st string, 1st finger.
6th fret, 2nd string, 2nd finger.
7th fret, 3rd string, 3rd finger.
open , 5th string.

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