Ok, so I got the fever blues

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Ok, so I got the fever blues

Postby stiff » Sat Mar 11, 2006 7:17 pm

And my foreheads so hot I burn my hand when I wipe off the sweat. All right, here's todays long post.

Anyway, I decided to sit down with my guitar, played two of my own songs and Hard Times by Skip James/Jack Owens. My own songs where WAY too uptempo, Hard Times worked well. Seems to be a good song for the ill.

I decided I can't just sit and play that one over and over though, so I started going through videos and tabs I had laying around, as well as the tabs on this forum (as I've done probably a million and one times, thanks guys for making this such a great resource). I found that I needed to see some fresh titles though.

Funny thing, this last few days I've been listening to a lot of Tampa Red/Hokum Boys and Willie McTell since I got a hand on "Story of the guitar wizard" and "McTells last session", but they are way too uptempo for the most part for me right now.

Anyone have any suggestions for new songs too play? Possibly some tabs and/or explanation to go with that? I'm dying here, help me out guys.

Thanks ;)
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