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Piedmont Blues Tabs

PostPosted: Tue Jun 27, 2006 2:57 am
by savage
Hey guys, I was wonderin if anyone knows of any good sources where I can pick of some piedmont licks. I've always liked the style, but I'm not that great at pickin up all the different chord progressions... mainly cause i dont really know any chords by name :lol: Any and all help is appreciated :D

Piedmont licks

PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2007 7:43 am
by godinguy
Hi Savage.
Not sure about Piedmont?
Is that Blind Blake, or Blind Willy McTell type of music.
If so, have a look here,
You will need GuitarPro to use the music tabs you download.
GP displays and plays back the tab and allows the tab to be printed too.
Hope that helps.


PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2007 7:59 am
by godinguy
Hi Savage.
Hey, if you don't have access to GuitarPro, and you find tabs you want on the site I pointed to, then put up an email address for me, tell me what you want
by replying on this forum, and I'll download what you want and email the written tab to you.

PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2007 2:28 pm
by ricochet
Over at the IGS forum you'll find a good many Piedmont blues players: ... m&number=1