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Re: Picks again

Postby jackaranda » Sat Aug 22, 2009 1:52 pm

Just got my first Propicks......Eureka!!! At last, picks I can use without feeling like Edward Sissorhands. I've always struggled along with bare nails with all the usual problems, breakages, lack of volume etc. :D
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Re: Picks again

Postby OldWailer » Mon Aug 24, 2009 10:49 pm

For a thumbpick I like the Herco Heavy--the one in obnoxious colors that looks kind of like a flatpick with three holes and a thumbstrap. When I get them home I take a fingernail clipper to them and dull down the tip a little--then work the tip over with a nail file and fine sanpaper to round off the edges. This improves the tome to make them sound thicker than they are.

Then I take a sharp pocket-knife and cut several angled cuts on the inside of the pick--where the pad of my thumb contacts the pick--you have to stuck the tip of the knife in there in the opposite direction your thumb goes in. This leaves a bunch of barb-like cuts that hold the pick on much better. Now and then you have to renew the cuts to keep the barbed edges sharp.

I can flat-pick and fingerpick with this rig--or do both in the same song--although I prefer to just use a thick Dawg flatpick if I'm just flatpicking.

I try to use my nails for fingerpicking--but they wear down faster than they grow sometimes--so I have been using the Pro-pick metal ones with double straps. They are uncomfortable, especially if you get them on tight like I need them to be--so I'm planning to try the plastic ones and use the tip above to heat them and run the cold water over them. . .
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