Guitar Heroes and Slide - 2 Live shows

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Guitar Heroes and Slide - 2 Live shows

Postby 5_iron » Wed Apr 19, 2006 4:30 pm

I've been lucky to catch 2 living guitar legends live in the past couple weeks: Jeff Beck, and David Gilmour (both in San Francisco).

Jeff Beck used a slide on almost half the songs he played - that surprised me. He used a glass slide, on middle finger - Sometimes for just a few licks here and there, sometimes more. He kept a bunch of slides on a stack of Marshalls behind him, and he'd wander over mid-song, grab a slide, lay down some licks, then toss it on the floor by the drum set. Amazing player- one of my all time favorites.

David Gilmour makes liberal usage of lap slides on a number of songs. He has what appears to be a Fender lap steel(?) on a stand, which he used for some of the Floyd classics as well as new songs. He also has a Weissenborn-type lap guitar he used a few times. Interestingly, one of his keyboard players had a Richenbacher "panda" lap steel and he used it for a number of songs as well.

All in all, slide guitar well represented at both shows! I was pleasantly surprised.

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