Rev. Gary Davis; E-B-G-D-A-E raising or lowe

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Rev. Gary Davis; E-B-G-D-A-E raising or lowe

Postby brass finger » Sun May 14, 2006 1:12 am

I read on some site that Rev.Gary Davis used E-B-G-D-A-E tuning.
As usual I just broke my heavy wound G string trying to hit D.
How do I know whether an alternate tuning requires you to Lower a string rather than Raise it??
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RE: Rev. Gary Davis; E-B-G-D-A-E raising or

Postby boogiechillun85 » Sun May 14, 2006 3:07 am

I have to say, I'm pretty sure that Gary Davis played mostly in standard tuning. Someone just wrote it out backwards for you. Try E-A-D-G-B-E standard tuning.
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Postby guitarslim101 » Tue May 16, 2006 8:44 pm

I agree with Jim. Most, if not all, of the Reverand's stuff I've heard/played is in standard.
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Postby jeffl » Tue May 16, 2006 9:13 pm

There have always been rumours about Davis's tunings 'cuz of his sometimes complex picking and hammering style; He would occasionally play counter lines by hammering on with his thumb and index finger while playing phrases with his other three fingers. I've got summa his old vinyl and he gets alotta notes in there.
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