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Matchbox Blues - SRV and Albert King style

PostPosted: Tue Dec 09, 2014 5:22 pm
by meritonemusic
Hi guys,

I've been having fun with this uptempo 24-bar Blues shuffle jam track, so thought I'd share it here!!

The track is based on Stevie Ray Vaughan and Albert King's awesome version of Matchbox Blues from their legendary 1983 Canadian TV session... look it up, it's awesome!!!!

Here's the jam track:

Chord progression:

G7 - G7 - G7 - G7 - G7 - G7 - G7 - G7
C7 - C7 - C7 - C7 - G7 - G7 - G7 - G7
D7 - D7 - C7 - C7 - G7 - G7 - G7 - G7

Scale suggestions:

G Minor pentatonic scale - G Bb C D F (G)

G minor blues scale - G Bb C C# D F (G)

G dorian mode: G A Bb C D E F (G)

SRV and Albert King's FULL 1983 session on Canadian TV is here

There's also another blues back track based on their version of Born Under a Bad Sign from the same session

Enjoy :)