Hog players - help me design my next guitar

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Hog players - help me design my next guitar

Postby Freeman » Sat Mar 02, 2013 9:12 pm

For several years now I have been wanting a small bodied all mahogany guitar and I’m getting close to ready to start building it. There are several options and I would appreciate input on good (or bad) points on any of them. I have plans for both a 1940 Gibson L-00 and a generic 00, as well as the 000 that is my daily player. I don’t necessarily want to build a clone of any particular guitar, but the small bodied Martins and Gibsons of the ‘30’s would be my guide. I have played several prewar 0 and 00-17’s, one small Gibson from that period (think it was a Nick Lucas), current 00 and 000-15’s, and a new SGCG “00-1929” (which was a stunning guitar, by the way). I am prepared to change some design parameters (scale length, frets clear, neck profile) if there is a good reason – I’m certainly not locked into following the plans to the letter. I also know that over the years these guitars (particularly the L-00) changed dramatically – I’ve seen them in 12, 13 and 14 fret, for example.

OK, here are the major options

1 – Long scale 000 like my spruce/rosewood guitar. Twelve frets, basically an 000-28 but long scale. I love this guitar and think it would be very interesting in all mahogany, but would there be enough difference? One big advantage is that I have both the mold and bending form for my Fox bender. One advantage for the forum is that I could post clips and you could hear the difference that only tone woods make (same bracing, size, scale, etc)

2 – Gibosn L-00 in all mahogany. The Gibbie is short scale, my plans are for a 14 fretter (but that could be changed). It has 1/4 inch non scalloped braces. The body is a hair deeper than (3) and Nick Lucas models were even deeper. Advantage – these are the iconic blues boxes from the 30’s, disadvantage – I don’t personally have much experience with them.

3 – Martin 00 in all mahogany (that would be -17 or -15). My plans for this one are also short scale, 14 frets clear. Unlike the Gibson, it is 5/16 scalloped braces. Here is the SCGC

4 – I could do a ladder braced one like my Stella 12 string clone, but I think if I ever do that it will be spruce on top.

Options – Both the L-00 and 00-17 are paddle heads, but I’m partial to slots. Building a slothead is a lot more work but adds some mojo. Second option is scale length – by going to a longer scale the bridge is moved down into the lower bout (SCGC built a 13 fret long scale and says it’s a great guitar). I tune down a lot and like a longer scale – obviously I would have to move braces around a bit.
There are some cosmetic things – I would probably use a rope rosette like my Stella and Weissies, a pyramid bridge, maybe a sunburst or shade top.

So, if you’ve played one or own one or lusted after one – tell me about it. I don’t think any of the above would be a bad guitar – but I need to choose something.
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Re: Hog players - help me design my next guitar

Postby gaucho » Sun Mar 03, 2013 4:36 pm

I've had a couple of those small bodied, pre-war parlors (love them for bottleneck blues). The one's I've kept have been ladder braced and have had V neck profiles. The little one on the left has an extreme V neck and it feels really good in my hand!
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Re: Hog players - help me design my next guitar

Postby MiloBlacker » Sun Mar 10, 2013 5:49 pm

clicked on this thread with hopes of seeing tasty guitars... was not disappoint.
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