Guitar Technique Lesson: How to Bend in Tune.

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Re: Guitar Technique Lesson: How to Bend in Tune.

Postby Clifford D » Tue Feb 19, 2013 3:41 pm

It's not surprizing that you would think of Indian music, or early African music they are based on the harmonic series. (Where the harmonics are found on a string). Imo all those sweet bent tones do come from the harmonic series. I learned about the harmonic series, et and just intonation from Steve Kimock over at the Gear Page through the last eight yrs. Call it brainiac work but I'm very happy with the work I've done. I know that many blues players. don't agree with this brainiac approach, if it makes any difference, I was unaware of this stuff up till 2006, when Steve popped into my life.
Funny thing is, I've always teased my bends and didn't play in tune from fret to fret. But I immediately was drawn to Kimocks posts.
I think of Kimock as a brilliant mind that talks the talk and walks the walk.

Anyway, what I know about what Indian music is all from what I've got from Steve and the great book Steve recommended "Hamonic Experience".
Very difficult read and requires lots of dictionary research.

Finally, has this stuff affected my mojo or emotive feel for the blues?
No fricken way, it's solid and my blues is better for it.

ricbleu wrote:
Clifford D wrote:
ricbleu wrote:Thanks Rich, those nice words just made my day.l
That's a compliment, Clifford, and I'll hold it carefully.

Have you listened to much Middle Easterm music? Music of the oud from the area formerly known as Persia? It's surprising how similar the phrasings are to blues phrasings. Anouar Brahem is a good man to listen to. He frequently collaborates with western musicians eg sax, violin. It's very abstract music, but still accessible to our western trained ears. :D Peace.
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Re: Guitar Technique Lesson: How to Bend in Tune.

Postby ricbleu » Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:03 pm

A day or two ago, I was thinking of what you said in your post concerning the notes created by bends between frets. And if our ears were sensitive enough and our hand/wrist muscles fine enough, there is an infinite number of notes in there as you gradually increase the bend towards the next fret. I was trying a gradual increase on the b string but it needs practise to increase the pressure consistently. I've read somewhere, however, that the human ear is only sensitive enough to discern changes down to 1/7th of a tone, although when I play I am not concerned with those kinds of things - just on getting the right 'feel' to the bending note. I must admit, Clifford, that I hadn't heard of Steve Kimock nor the term 'brainiac' but used with discernment, all learning is good so I'll look him up. Btw, my "eastern' limit is further west than India. Turkey, Iran - the music from that sort of area is what I mean. The music changes quite dramatically when you get to India. Maybe its the development of the instrument; the sitar being more complex than the oud. I watched a documentary about a US Army Company sent to fight in Afghanistan and the music frequently used in the soundtrack was what I was referring to. Anyway, this has developed into a worthwhile discussion. I think you take a more cerebral approach from me, Clifford, but the exchange of ideas is very worthwhile. Meantime, I'll look up Steve Kimock. :D Peace
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Re: Guitar Technique Lesson: How to Bend in Tune.

Postby Clifford D » Wed Feb 20, 2013 2:08 am

Hey Rich,
A very good Kimock thing to check out would be at his website.
Goo there and in the upper right corner is "Kimocks Korner".
There are four videos that totally explain and demo these "off the fret tones".

Also, I only have my phone and do not know how to use it to put a li nk here to share Kimocks insights. It's all done with slide and a dobro so it's a classic sound for the blues purists, I mean they would enjoy his tone and playing.who is
Rich, if you could post that Kimocks Korner stuff here I would greatly appreciate it. My car is also broke down so I can't get to the library computer.
Could you help me out. Then maybe we can talk about his slant on things.
Thanks, blusbro
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